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The e-DPR application are used to prepare Detailed Project Reports for Watershed Components in PMKSY Scheme whereas the Estimation Software can be used for preparing estimates of check dams, farm ponds, contour trenches, gully plugs, forestry and horticulture plantations etc. These applications is having Mobility solution to capture the proposed NRM activities location (Latitude & Longitude).

MAHA PIK PERANI web portal & Mobile APP is developed for Agriculture Assistant, Department of agriculture, Govt. of Maharashtra working at Village level. This APP will help to collect and compile the REAL time Season, Crop and Week wise crop sowing data in the Villages. Agriculture Department, Govt. of Maharashtra is mandate to collect the real time Village, Season, Crop and Week wise data and provide to the State Government for policy making decision

Gulwale Web based Application & APP is developed for Sugarcane Growing Farmer’s in Maharashtra State.

IIT Mumbai- Chemical Engineering Department has started a innovation project on JAGGERY PREPARATION in Kolhapur District. To ensure for supply of cane to run minimum 100days of Jaggery production unit, IIT Mumbai has approached to us for developing the Gulwale application & mobile APP.

Main objective of portal & APP is to find out the village, farmer and cane variety wise sugarcane planting area and planting time, area vise potential of sugarcane production & the expectation of the farmers in the form of money if they are providing the cane for Jaggery Production